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Jo Carroll Art Studio/Gallery

Spectral Tides

Spectral Tides

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I invite viewers into a realm where the ethereal and the aquatic converge, creating a mesmerizing dance between light and shadow. This artwork encapsulates the mystique of tidal forces, where the ever-changing interplay of hues mirrors the elusive nature of our emotions.

Capturing the essence of spectral reflections on the water's surface, 'Spectral Tides' explores the transient beauty that unfolds beneath the surface. Each brushstroke seeks to evoke the haunting allure of depths unseen, inviting contemplation on the enigmatic currents that shape our emotional landscapes.

Through a fusion of cool and warm tones, I aim to convey the ephemerality of moments, much like the fleeting dance of light on water. The interplay of translucent layers and dynamic textures serves as a metaphor for the complex interweaving of emotions within the human experience.

Spectral Tides is not just a visual exploration; it is an emotional journey, an invitation to delve into the mysterious depths of one's own sentiments. As the viewer navigates the shifting tides of color and form, my hope is to create an immersive encounter that resonates with the ever-changing, yet timeless, rhythm of our emotions.

One off original artwork by Jo Carroll

Acrylic on ultra-fine canvas with gloss varnish
160x160cm, framed in Tasmanian oak float frame.

Signed front and back. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

Available to view at 1/861 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East. 

Conditions of purchase: Please select carefully as all sales of original artwork are final. No refunds will be provided, however a credit note can be issued for 'change of mind'. Insurance is included with shipping to cover any damage that may occur during transit. Payment required prior to delivery. Payment plans available upon special request.
SHIPPING: FREE to Melbourne Metro only. Use "MELB" promo code at checkout.
All other locations: Rates vary by artwork size and destination. A flat $99 shipping fee is applied for Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane. Shipping for all other locations will be calculated and invoiced separately AFTER purchase. If you would like a shipping quote before purchase please contact me with artwork title and your postcode.
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