Finding Flow

Finding Flow

With the turn of each January, I intentionally step away from my commissioned projects and dive into a period of creative exploration. It's not a break from my routine, but rather a dedicated time to experiment, play, and push the boundaries of my artistic expression. However, this pursuit of uninhibited creativity brings its share of ups and downs, swinging between frustration and elation, leaving me feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Weeks may pass as I experiment and adjust, my studio gradually filling with incomplete canvases—a testament to my relentless quest for innovation. Usually I love studio visits, but it's in these moments, I can't help but feel apprehensive about unexpected visitors catching a glimpse of my unfinished work.

I know plenty of abstract artists who thrive and relish the freedom of constant exploration, but for me it's often a challenging endeavour—a struggle with the unknown and a blow to my ego when I can't master a new technique. There's also the fear of investing significant time and resources only to produce work that falls short.

But then I remember how essential it is to trust the process and follow my intuition, after all, I'm an intuitive artist! So I persevere, knowing that moments of creative breakthrough will eventually emerge from the chaos. It's an exhilarating experience when everything clicks, and my artistic vision becomes clear. In those moments, I regain confidence in myself and my abilities and regret ever having any moments of doubt.

In the days that follow, I face the uncertainty of introducing my new creations to the world. Will they be embraced or criticised? The only way to find out is to share them and let them stand on their own merits.

While I don't often discuss my creative process or dictate how viewers should interpret my art, this new collection feels different. It's a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of my creative journey, a reminder that challenges can lead to breakthroughs.

My latest work draws inspiration from the concept of being "in flow", as beautifully described by Esther Hicks. Flow is a state of alignment with one's true self and desires—a state marked by joy, clarity, and abundance. Through my art, I aim to capture the essence of this state and invite viewers to experience its transformative power.

In every brushstroke and layer of paint, I seek to evoke a sense of wonder and connection to the universal flow of well-being.

My hope is that each piece serves as a portal, inviting viewers to embrace their own journey of alignment and discover limitless potential when they trust the process and get into their own flow state.

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